First Page$40
Second Page$35
Pages 3-29 (per page)$30
30+ Pages (per page)$25
Passport Stamp*$3
Extra Certified Copy$20
Extra Paper Copy$10

Scanned Copy$13


First Page$40
Second Page$30
Pages 3-29 (per page)$25
30+ Pages (per page) $20
Extra Paper Copy$13
Digital Copy $10


Pick Up (when ready)Free
Local (~2-4 days)Free
Xpresspost (~1-2 days)$20
Courier (~1-2 days)$35
Regular USA (~3-5 days)$15
USA Xpresspost (~2-3 days)$35
International (~4-6 days)$90

There is an additional charge of $20 for rush orders, same-day delivery, and hand delivery.

ATIA/ATIO translation starts at $80 per page. Contact us for an estimate.

Notarization starts at $40 per document. This fee does not include the cost of translation. For example, a one-page certified translation will cost $45, plus $40 for the notarization for a total of $85. Please contact us for an estimate.

*Please note that there is a minimum charge of $45 per order, per language. If a passport stamp translation is all you require, your order will be subject to the $45 minimum charge. This also means that documents of multiple languages of origin will be subject to a minimum fee of $45 per order/language.