QLPD Canada Translation Services offers different categories of translation, allowing our clients to choose the type of translation that best suits their needs.


Certified translation is our most popular type of translation. Many government institutions accept certified translations for official documents, and some business and academic documents require certified translation, as well. Your certified translation will be accompanied by an affidavit.


Translations completed by translators who are certified in Canada do not require an affidavit of certification. Translators certified by the Association of Translators and Interpreters of Alberta (ATIA) and other provincial or territorial associations (ATIO, STIBC, etc.) can provide certified translations that are accepted by IRCC without an affidavit.


Some embassies and organizations require translations to be notarized for additional authenticity and security. Further, some organizations require copies of documents to be notarized as “true copies of the original.” Notarized translations are usually required for use outside of Canada.


Many types of documents do not require certification. These documents might include business, academic, and personal documents. For non-certified documents, we will email the document to you, and also send a hard copy via a delivery option of your choice.

Types of Documents

We translate many types of documents, which might include but are not limited to the following:


  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • International Driver’s Licences
  • Passport Stamps


  • Résumés & Cover Letters
  • Contracts
  • Wills & Estate Documents
  • Professional Certification Documents


  • High School Diplomas
  • Post-Secondary Diplomas & Degrees
  • Reference Letters
  • Manuscripts


  • Letters
  • Genealogical Documents
  • Manuscripts

Plus, Many More!

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